StageAir helped me to find an agency that gave me the opportunity to study with students my age and that was exactly what I wanted. I had a great time in the classroom, with my classmates and especially with the excellent teachers! I recommend it!
Simone, Milano
The service offered by StageAir was excellent, it managed to meet our requests, both in the workplace and recreational time, they recommended trips and places to visit during the internship. We have received constant support and very useful information on how to deal with the new colture. I highly recommend it to organize this type of experience abroad
Paolo Rivi, Reggio Emila
I am very satisfied with the choice I made to come to England through StageAir, I will strongly recommend it to other students who want to do an internship and language course experience abroad.
Irene Manghi, Reggio Emilia
The service provided was very good because in addition to the placement in a marketing company, it also recommended trips and discounts during the stay. I was looked after with weekly meetings, monitoring my stay and how i was feeling, making sure that there would be an opportunity to change it in case of any problems and I really liked this. We also did some language tests to see how my English improved during the stay.
Giovanni, Bologna
Rocco lived an important experience from all points of view. He was able to practice the language, apply it in the work envirnoment and in daily life and this was the purpose we had set ourselves, therefore I would say that we are very happy. Furthermore, we could see that Rocco, despite always having someone to count on from the Agency in Dublin, became very independent in traveling, in living with others and adapting to a different colture. He learned also to enjoy time alone (he says that sometimes he really needed it!). The Agency on site was always present and always available, therefore a special thanks to Emily for that. Even the tutor in the workplace was attentive to Rocco's needs by following him during the activities that were assigned.
I genitori di Rocco, Italia
I consider the experience of the internship unforgettable, both for the possibility of improving the language but also as a cultural experience, as it increases one's ability to relate to people from different cultures. At the same time it can be seen as a challenge and the results is a huge personal reward. I would like to further underline how importnat is to networking and create long lasting relationships with people from another country. I recommend anyone to try this experience, in the future I will definitely repeat it!
Andrea D., Italia
The experience was very positive because it allowed me to learn new things. It helped me to improve my English and expand my vocabulary. Brighton is a city suitable for students where it is possible to spend amazing days by the beach and only an hour from London.
Sara C., Italia
The thing I liked most about this job in Alicante is that I have been given a lot of trust. They allowed me to try and do many different things and it helped me to improve my skills. These three weeks of internship have paid off more than two years of Spanish language course at school, because being forced to confront you with people who don't understand your language, you get involved and so you learn a lot more. I choose to work in an international schoolso that I could also improve the other two languages ​​I study, English and German. I was able to work directly with costumers and with many groups of teenagers coming from differnt countries. It is a sector in which I advise you to work if you like to relate to people and visit new places. Basically, have fun and learn in your workplace!
Giada P., Italia
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